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There is a two hacker and one of them is also and art thief here on Deviantart

the Hacker real username is  " gary-niger"  and not neomoti.
She was hack by gary-niger and lost everything.
so please stop blaming her its not her fault she a victim.
But i'll watch out for "gray-niger" and don't click on any of his links

As for the thief his username is xXxDragonSlayer-GFX
he has stolen 3 art work pics from the same person Jack-GFX.
and he even rip off 2 more art work from Birdynum-num
and now he stole an art work from

the art work that was stolen from Jack-GFX
My First Deviant Art by xXxDragonSlayer-GFXAnime Title Art by xXxDragonSlayer-GFXShattered Glass Effect T by xXxDragonSlayer-GFX

the real art are these:
Anime Title Art by xXxDragonSlayer-GFX(bigger sizes and in the top left corner is jack which the stolen art has the same thing but xXxDragonSlayer-GFX  made it smaller for people would not notice it)
[TEXTEFFECT] Shattered Glass by Jack-GFX
[PhotoManip] Cats can see everything by Jack-GFX(did the same thing with the cat.)

The other two art work that was stolen from Birdynum-num

Go here to see Birdynum-num art work

Applelove-chan art work that was stolen.
Manga Face by xXxDragonSlayer-GFX

this picture is Applelove-chan ID and i that its hers because i've been her friends for a long time and she had this.
please this makes 3 victims. this is now personal with me because AppleLove-Chan is part of my family on here and i protect my family.
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Submitted on
November 30, 2012